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Welcome to our website dedicated to the Belgian shepherds, especially those black-coated. On our website you will find not only information about our females but also other interesting information about the breed that we like and which is an integral part of our family since 1988. Gradually, we will try our website to complete and improve.  





We have fantastic news! There have been born puppies in German kennel "vom Johannisbach" from our Ayers-Rock! There have been born 8 puppies (6 boys + 2 girls), mother Emmie vom Johannisbach and puppies are doing well, our Rocky is again very proud father! 


emmie-a-stenatka-01.jpg     emmie-a-stenatka-02.jpg




Today is Dara´s Birthday - she is 10 years old. Thank you Cecile for making possibility to have this fantastic female!


Darqueen des Perles Noires - 10 years




This year started very well and we have perfect news. Female EMMIE vom Johannisbach is pregnant, confirmed by ultrasound. We are looking forward to puppies after our Ayers-Rock in german kennel "vom Johannisbach".



Thunderwolf´s DRIVEN

(Ayers-Rock Groenoir x Thunderwolf´s TEQILA SUNRISE)




After long time I try to write some important information from the second half of the year:

22.6. - very sad news VITO Randy Dog (son of our Aeyrs-Rock) had died because of car accident. We are very sorry, he was great young boy with big potencial.

VALORI BLACK BEAUTY Randy Dog - daughter of our Ayers-Rock - has become Czech Junior Champion. We are proud of her and big congratulation to the owner.

VIA Randy Dog passed international dog show where she had received "excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOS" and at the Special show she received "excellent 1, CAC, Winner of special show". We are sending Big congratulations to Slovakia to the owner.

We added photos and informations about "V" litter Randy dog. 


Thunderwolf´s OSCAR - son of our Ayers-Rock has passed his first dog-show, he had won puppy class and received BIG 4 and BIR.

Thunderwolf´s COBRA - daughter of Ayers-Rock had also passed her first show. She received BIR and title "Best puppy of show".

Thunderwolf´s DRIVEN (another daughter of Ayers-Rock) received title "Junior winner of show". 

We added photos and information about Thunderwolf´s litter from our Ayers-Rock. 


On October Ayers-Rock mated very interesting female imported from Slovakia to Poland - LITTLE MISS DAYDREAM Stary Machnac. Just after the Christmas time the puppies had been born (1 male + 3 females) in polish kennel "la Componella".







  "T" litter la Componella







On December our Aeyrs-Rock mated another female with fantastic temper EMMIE vom.Johannisbach from Germany. 





At last we added many new photos of puppies fromThunderwolf´s kennel from our Ayers-Rock. Look at the album, they are just fantastic! Thanks a lot to Annelie for photos and for so perfect taking care.

qila-puppies.jpg      18278248_10209439767174508_8665904932577847566_o.jpg    

And we also added some photos of sons of our Aeyrs-Rock from Czech litter, who are now 14 months old - VERNE and VITO Randy dog. Look at their albums.



Today our Rocky was shown at International dog-show in Ceske Budejovice, he received "excellent 1, CAC, res.CACIB" and he has become Champion of Czech republic. We are again very proud of him. 
And there has been also shown VITO Randy Dog - son of our Rocky. He is very nice male - still very young - and he received in young class "excellent 1".

rocky_2017-04-20.jpg   rocky_dara_vito_2017-04-22.jpg


VITO Randy Dog:




- We visited our friend who has kennel Black Morion. There is very nice litter of groenendaels. They will be 7 weeks old and they are just beautiful and cute. You can see some photos in photoalbum. There are still two males disponsible. If you are interested, feel free to contact the breeder.


- we have added new pictures of puppies in Sweden. All puppies have been already booked. Rocky is proud father! You can see girls and below them boys in the age of 2 weeks:




- we passed another dog show in Chemnitz (Germany). In working class Rocky received "very good".




Today I have only a sad news - one of little puppy (male) wasn´t strong enough, so now there are only six puppies - three boys and three girls. I am very sorry....may be that is the way how it should be. Who knows. 


12.3.2017 - FANTASTIC NEWS !


We have perfect news from Sweden from kennel Thuderwolf´ s, there have been born puppies from our Rocky (AYERS-ROCK), there are 3 females and 4 males. Qila (Thuderwolf´s TEQUILA SUNRISE) is fantastic mother and you can find pictures of puppies in photolbum here

17192646_10209001406215758_1305448072391271862_o.jpg        17342481_10209006749229330_1744427107288069039_n.jpg



Banshee-Tiffany Groenoir had passed exam BH (56 pts.) - congratulation to his owner and big hug for "our" lady. 

fanca1-bh.jpg                 fanca2-bh.jpg




We have received new pictures from Austria -        handy-20.2.2017-1210.jpg

there is VERNE Randy Dog  son of our Rocky

He is cool!








This day is day of nice Birthday! Our "B-litter" is now two years old and the first puppies from Rocky are one year old. We wish all of them lovely "doggie life" full of hapiness and fun with their owners.



We have fantastic news from Sweden! Qila was at ultrasound and she is pregnant! We are looking forward to "many" puppies on March! 



There was held International dog-show in Brno. Our Banshee-Tiffany Groenoir was shown in open class, she received "excellent 2, res.CAC", so we are very proud of her! There was also shown VITO Randy Dog - son of our Rocky. Vito received "excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOS", which is fantastic. But to complete all results, the day before VITO received in young class "very good 2". 










During last weekend we had very nice visit in our home. "Our" ARRANT-RIV Groenoir had come. It was very nice pleasure to see him again, now for sure he is completely adult male, very nice, friendly and self-confident. Thanks to his family for such lovely taking care for him. And I add some pictures from this visit. 










24.1.2017         26.jpg

We have added several new photos of "our" Baron-Touché to his album. He has grown up and become very beautiful elegant male. Thanks a lot for pictures and news about Baron to his owners. 





Our Rocky mated very lovely female who came from Norway Thunderwolf´s TEQILA SUNRISE (QILA). We hope that everything will be all right and from this combination will be born clever and healthy puppies. They will be bred in the "home" kennel of Qila - in Sweden. The pictures from mating you can find in album of Rocky.

qila.jpg      r-q-01.jpg









After the first National Dog show in Brno we have very nice news! Valori Black Beauty and Vito Randy Dog (puppy of our Rocky) had been shown in young class. Vito received "excellent 1, CAJC, BOS" and his sister Valori just beatet him on the "muzzle" - she received "excellent 1, CAJC, BOB". We are very proud of them and for sure our Rocky is very proud father! Look at their  albums, there are some new photos.

maly-vali2.jpg  mali-vito-a-valori-v-brne.jpg  maly-vito7.jpg





We have received official confirmation Rocky has become Interchampion. It was very nice Christmas gift and we are again very proud of our dog!







On Saturday 5.11. we passed with our Rocky (Ayers-Rock) International dog-show in Bartislava (Slovakia). Rocky received "excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB and he has become Champion of Slovakia. We are again very proud of him. And we were happy we could meet also his daughter VIA Randy Dog there.

via-randy-dog.jpg      rocky-na-www.jpg  

                VIA                                AYERS-ROCK



We have some very nice news from puppies of our Rocky (Ayers-Rock). Young male VITO Randy Dog had already passed three International dog-shows and he always received "very promissing 1". At show in Prague he also meet his sister VALORI Randy Dog, who also had received "very promissing 1". Congratulation to both of them and we wish them a lot of successes in the future.

vito01.jpg  vito02.jpg   valori-01.jpg  

                       VITO                                            VALORI



Today is a Birthday of our little "tiger" Bara (Belle Baroness of Elven Star). She is six years old and I guess she has nice life full of surprises from her black big friends. We wish her and all her littermates the best for the whole life. On picture she is with her pet.




And I have another nice news. "Our" Fanny (Banshee-Tiffany Groenoir) have passed the exam ZOP and she received 96 pts (max is 100)! I am very proud of her. We wish her and her owner David a lot of successes in the future. You can see pictures from the exam in photoalbum of Banshee-Tiffany. 



Today I have received fantastic news - the results of x-ray of our Banshee-Tiffany. She has HD-A and ED 0/0. I am very happy for it and thank to David (owner) to pass this. 




During last weekend there was a meeting of Belgians from Randy Dog kennel, so there had been also puppies from our Rocky (Ayers-Rock). Unfortunately the weather was really terrible! Strong rain for all the day except several moments without it. I made some photos but not so many as I would like to. Anyway there were three females - daughters of Rocky - Via, Valori and V´Drumla, they are just fantastic! Their photos you can find in photoalbum of each and some more pictures from this meeting you can find on album here.




Last weekend we went to Erfurt (Germany) to the dog-shows. On Saturday there was a National show, Rocky presents himself very good! He is always full of energy and he shows his fantastic temper even at shows. He receives "excellent 1, VDH-Cha, CAC, BOB" (the judge was Mr. Erwin Deutscher from Austria). On Sunday it was Intaernational show and the judge was Mr. Jason Moore from Australia, we were wondered how he would like our "happy dog". Rocky again made us very happy, he had received "excellent 1, VDH-Cha, CAC, CACIB and BOB". I am very proud of him.

rocky-erfurt-2016.jpg  rocky-a-fiona-m.jpg

And I have been even more happy when I received oficial results of X-ray of hips from "our" Baron-Touché, he has HD-A and I am really proud of "all my puppies". And for sure thanks to the owner for taking care. 




Sorry I have not updated our sites for a long time. So now I would like to improve a here you can find our news:

- puppies of our Rocky hed grown up and now they have become beautiful little devils. They all live in their new families and I added information and photos about them to Rocky page.

- on April 16-th we were in France in Blaru at Régionale dog show for Belgians. The judge of groenendaels was Dr. Schaffner. Rocky received "very good 1" in working class. Our Darqueen was shown for the first time in veteran class, her result "excellent 1, veteran winner". 

fany-a-david.jpgBecause we mostly prefer working to showing, we wanted to pass also the tests here. The results were just fantastic: Ayers-Rock passed CSAU + TAN (both tests "excellent") and our Banshee-Tiffany passed CSAU + TAN (both tests "excellent") and also CANT - excellent + the best of all grooenendaels! So Fanny made us very happy, she had received beautiful cup and just for information - she had never seen before sheep and never tried to herd any animal, so I hope her dispositions for herding are really natural. Pictures from our trip you can find in photalbum, in section "our events". 


5.4.2016                                                       rocky-upraveny.jpg

On April 3-rd our Rocky was shown at International dog-show in Chemnitz (Germany). The judge - Dr. Pepper was very thorough, he measured each dog, checked lenght of tail, correct back and he paid a lot of attention to the temper and movement. We are very happy and proud of the result of Rocky who received: excellent1, VDH, CAC, CACIB and BOB



On Friday 26.2. our Rocky had become a proud father of his first puppies in kennel Randy Dog. Ten puppies had been born - 6 females and 4 males. Unfortunately mother of puppies lay on one male and other 2 females had died two days later. So now there are seven puppies, and we hope nice and clever groenendaels will grow up from them. All females and 2 males are reserved, there is only last male if you are interested, please contact us or the breeder.




- our puppies from B-litter celebrates their first birthday! We wish them the most beautiful doggie-life in their loving families. Happy Birthday!


fanca01.jpg   barous-leden.jpg

   Banshee-Tiffany                                Baron-Touché



Today our Darqueen has her 8. birthday, she is in lovely conditions and her son - Ayers-Rock gave her nice gift. He was shown at International dog-show in Brno and received "excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS". I am again very proud of him.




Rocky - winner groenendael at competition "Working dog 2015"




 Rocky made us very happy again. There is a  competition of Czech Club for Belgians  (KCHBO) called "Working dog of the year".  For the year 2015 Rocky had become a  winner among groenendaels and he has  been 7-th among all varieties of Belgian  sheepdog. He is my clever boy, I am very  proud of him!




And one more lovely news! ultrasound confirmed GABA Deabei is pregnant. So we are looking forward to little sons and daughters of Rocky. And Dara will be granmother for the first time!



At the end of December our Rocky mated for the first time very interesting female GABA Deabei. She is very lovely in exterier and what is very important for me - she has really fantastic well-balanced temper (pedigree of puppies here). If you are interested in more informations, please contact us or the breeder (www.randydog.cz).








Because Christmas time is time for happiness and gifts, our Rocky made me big happiness - he has become Champion of Poland and also of Austria. I am very proud of him!



During the first December weekend we passed International dog show in Wels (Austria). We also visited beautiful Austrian city - Salzburg, which is just before Christmas time really amazing. At the show Rocky received on Saturday "excellent 1, CACA and" on Sunday "excellent 1, CACA, res. CACIB"




Rocky passed on October all tests to become "stud male". We are very proud of him. He passed oficial temper test really well - he received 100pts which is maximum, has no reaction on gun-shots. Information about him you can find here. If you need more infos, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

kokos-01-mala.jpg           rocky_hlava_mala.jpg



We have a visit in our home - "our" little Fanny (Banshee-Tiffany). We are very happy and proud of her. She has fantastic well-balanced temper, she is full of energy - full of life! During several minutes she and Rocky were best friends and played all the time. Fanny has all teeth, scissor bite and she really needs a lot of time to be developed. She also passed her first dog-show in Prague, she had received "promissing 2". Thanks to David (owner) for all his taking care for Fanny, he does great job with Fanny!

dsc06413.jpg   dsc06296.jpg



We visited our Baron (Baron-Touché Groenoir) and his family. Our little "boy" grown up and he has become lovely and elegant young male. Although now he looks like real teenager - everywhere just long legs! It was big pleasure to see he is very satisfied happy dog full of energy and life! And we are also very happy Baron has all teeth, scissor bite and both testicles are OK. Thanks a lot to his owner Lenka. She is also very clever lady, she made for our dogs very nice collars, you can see her products from leather on her web sites www.liscihobby.websnadno.cz.




After longer time we add present photos of "our" Fanny (Banshee-Tiffany). Thanks a lot to her owner for those "action" pictures.




Today Rocky passed another exam FPr.2. Although we did not train enough he was successful, Rocky received 80 pts. He makes me very happy, he is very clever boy.




On Sunday 20/09 we passed another National dog-show in Gorzow (Poland). Rocky presented himself really very lovely. He received "excellent 1, CWC and BOB", so he had met conditions for titel "Champion of Poland". He also finished at fantastic 4. place in group FCI 1. We are very proud of him!

rocky-gorzow2015_01.jpg    rocky-gorzow2015_02.jpg

rocky-gorzow2015_03.jpg    rocky-gorzow2015_04.jpg




At the end of hot August we at last found one free day to show our Rocky at International dog show in Germany - Leipzig. Rocky had been showed in working class and received "excellent 1, VDH ChA" (judge: Mr. J.H.Dux).




Although the weather is very hot we went to pass another obedience exam ZZO1 yesterday. Rocky showed us again his big working potencial, he had received 99 pts (max. 100). We are very proud of him, he really loves to work.




We added new photos into albums of Baron and Tiffany. There you can also find link to Tiffany's first training camo (photographer Lenka Hostasova)

fanca-na-soustredeni.jpg   baron-na-www.jpg



We received beautiful photos from new family of our Banshee-Tiffany. She is full of energy and love to do everthing. Many thanks to her owner - David. He gives her so much time, energy and love what every Belgian really needs! Look at new pictures to her photoalbum.




Rocky had passed another exam ZPU2. This time he didn´t have really "tracking" day, so he had received only 87pts, his obedience was much much better - 95 pts. and the defence had been the best I´ve ever seen from him - he received 99 pts! It is fantastic result and we are very proud of him. Photos from exam you can find in his