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BESSY Černá slonovina
Date of birth: 10.12.1988


Health: full, scissor bite
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Breeder: Blanka Erbsová
Litter-mates: BODDY, BARON, BEN, BART
Temper: She was my first groenendael, she was my "teacher" - I had to make many faults before I started to understand specific temper of belgians, and that is a reason why I have to thank Bessy all the time. She was so patient and lentient with me, and she survived this all. 
SOLO de la Bonne Rencontre PIRATE de la Bonne Rencontre  LANN MORIAN du Chemin des Dames
 MIRBELLE de la Bonne Rencontre
LA MISS du Parc de l´Hay  ODER des Ardennes du Coitron
 THALIA du Parc de l´Hay
BENNDY Large Garden  BÄR vom Haus Veronica  CLARK de la Pouroffe
 AMSEL vom Cussilobrunnen
Defensor AMAZON  TILL-CRISPIN von Matental
 Vörös Pimpernel ANABELLA